Hippo Studio currently employs twenty-four people; decorators, kiln operators, stock control, a small despatch team and a potter.  Hippo Studio provides a working environment where all the artists and staff can learn and build marketable skills and achieve economic independence.

The twenty artists are self-employed, and have the use of the studio, with all the materials, provided by Hippo Studio. 
We believe self-employment is also self-empowerment; a force that drives the sharpening of entrepreneurial skills.  Through the ambient studio infrastructure , the artists can pursue and develop their artistic talents and have the potential to meet their personal aspirations of being recognised as artists.  These artists feel both pride and pleasure in their accomplishments, and this gives them a meaningful place in their communities and hope for a better future.





The studio has introduced a small-reward system through awarding a “Piece of the Week Award”, which in turn leads to an annual award – a symbol of accomplishment to our artists.

Hippo Studio believes in the protection of our natural environment, the land sustains people and we are all the custodians of it.  We also believe in the protection of wildlife, especially those that are in danger of becoming extinct. and Hippo Studio is considering a way to contribute towards a conservation project that is managed by dedicated people – and there are many in Zimbabwe.

January 2018