Within the CHEKARI COLLECTION, we have four lines:



The Mashona concept is filled with the landscapes and wildlife of Zimbabwe.  Done in vibrant colours and in a whimsical style.  Each piece of the Mashona is finished with an element of surprise, through the decorator’s design element.  These striking patterns fill the rims or the sides or corners of each piece done in Mashona. 

The colours of Mashona are inspired by the fertility of the higher rainfall region of Mashonaland.

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These continue from the Mashona content, but with a more controlled colour palette.  We bring you Matabele in hues of golden yellow and shades of grey; Matabeleland is in the drier south-west of Zimbabwe.  Zambezi introduces a green and yellow theme, inspired by the green of the riverside foliage and the sunshine.  Lastly, Kariba, in blues and yellows.  Lake Kariba was built in the late 1950’s to produce hydro-electricity.  A wall was built in the precarious gorges of the mighty Zambezi river and the area flooded.

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A lively and stylized interpretation of butterflies.  Delicate in strokes and colour.  Bringing also an element of colour and pattern to the concept.



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A quieter design, keeping the wild with it’s animal print edges. The animals vary, from a porcupine to a rhino, and the stylisation of and painting of each animal is subtle, yet gorgeous.


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