Washing by hand

What Methods Are Available?

We suggest that, as a matter of hygiene, you always wash any new purchase of tableware before first use, in a mild solution of liquid detergent. Washing up is one of the occasions when tableware can be damaged if it is not properly handled during both washing and draining. Even in water, the glazed surfaces can become scratched if rubbed against each other with any force. Normal dishwashing products used in hand-hot water will not harm your ceramic ware. Tea and coffee stains can be removed with any tea or coffee stain remover.


Washing the ceramics in a dishwasher

Follow these simple guidelines and you can be totally confident that your tableware can be washed in an automatic dishwasher with no adverse effects to its appearance and durability:

  • To avoid the risk of scratching, load the washer so that pieces do not touch each other and do not overload
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on quantity of detergent to be used
  • As soon as the wash water has drained away there should be an immediate rinse cycle to flush away deposits of detergent which will form a film if allowed to dry on the tableware

Hard water

In hard water areas, deposits may form on your tableware in time if the water is allowed to dry on the ware. These soluble deposits can easily be removed with a dilute acid such as vinegar.

 Microwave Ovens

Your tableware can be used in a microwave oven.


Tableware can safely be used in freezers. Care should however be taken when reheating frozen food. No matter how strong the tableware, sudden changes of temperature (e.g. taking from the freezer and placing directly into a hot oven) are likely to cause thermal-shock which will damage the ware.

Warming your tableware

It is perfectly safe to warm your tableware gradually and evenly to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it should never be exposed to direct heat from a naked flame or to rapid changes of temperature.


Q:           Is Hippo Studio® tableware fragile?

A:            All our tableware is strong and durable. But like all ceramic pieces will break if mishandled.

Q:           Why is the piece I received not the same one as the one in the catalogue?

A:            Each and every item from Hippo Studio® is an original piece of artwork – no two pieces are alike.

Q:           How can I determine whether my purchase is an original Hippo Studio® piece or an imitation?

A:            If you are unable to judge the product by its quality, please refer to the underside of your piece.  It will always say handmade and hand painted in Zimbabwe by (the artist’s name) and the year, together with the Hippo Studio ® or Chekari ® logos.

Q:           Is it possible to choose my own decorations?

A:            We do offer the possibility of customising/personalising products, whether it is a specified colour palette or design.  All our products are hand painted and every effort will be made to meet your specifications.

Q:           How long does it take from the moment I order until the moment I can receive my product?

A:            It all depends whether your required product is available in stock.  If not, normally a lead time of four to six weeks should be taken into consideration.  One should not forget that Hippo Studio products are all pieces of Art and that it has to come all the way from Southern Africa.